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Anode Rod SP11309C Rheem R Tech Resistor Magnesium Anode Rod 44" long x .700 diameter

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Product Description

    • 40 Gal. Tall
    • Power Vent with Electronic Controls
    • R Tech Resistor Magnesium Anode Rod 44" long x .700 diameter.
    • Residential / Preferred Parts.
    • Metallic rod installed inside the tank to-
    • protect against corrosion.
    • The “R-Tech” Anode Rod is made of magnesium-
    • and is designed to offer the longest-
    • lasting tank protection.
    • PowerVent with the Guardian System Replacement Parts
    • Rheem Models Used:
  • 21DV40, 21DV50, 21DX40, 21DX50, 21DX50N, 21I30-6, 21I30-6P, 21I307/P, 21I30DV, 21I30S-2/P, 21I40-7/P, 21I40DV, 21I40S-2/P, 21I50-2/P, 21V20, 21V30-5N, 21I30-6, 21V30-6P, 21V30-7/P, 21V30-7N, 2130DV, 21V30S-2/P, 21V30S-2N, 21V30S/P, 21V3OT, 21V40-36P, 21V40-38, 21V40-5N, 21V40-7/P, 21V40-7N, 21V40DV, 21V40S-2/P, 21V40S-2N, 21V40S-3/P, 21V40S-8A, 21V40T, 21V50-2/P, 21V50-4/P, 21V50-6, 21V50-6-A, 21VR30-5/P, 21VR30-5N, 21VR30-6, 21VR30-6-A, 21VR30-6P, 21VR30-7N-A, 21VR30-7P-A, 21VR30DV, 21VR30T, 21VR40-5/P, 21VR40-5N, 21VR40-7/P, 21VR40-7N-A, 21VR40-7P, 21VR40-7P-A, 21VR40DV, 21VR40T, 21VR50-2/P-A, 21VR50-2M-A, 21VR50-2P, PDV40, PDV40P, PDV50, PDV50P, PDV50-65, PDV50P-65, 42V50-36, MDV40, MDV50, MDV50N, PI30-6, PI30-6P, PI30-7P, PI30DV, PI30S-2/P, PI40-7/P, PI40DV, PI40S-2/P, PI50-2/P, P100, P120, P30-5N, P30-6, P30-6P, P30-7/P, P30-7N, PX30DV, P30S-2/P, P30S-2N, P30S-3/P, PV30-T, P40-36P, P40-38, P40-5N, P40-7/P, P40-7N, P40-DV, P40S-2/P, P40S-2N, P40S-3P, P40S-8-A, PV40T, P50-2/P, P50-4/P, P50-6, P50-6-A, PR30-51P, PR30-5N, PR30-6, PR30-6-A, PR30-6P, PR30-7N-A, PR30-7P-A, PR40-5/P, PR40-5N, PR40-7/P, PR40-7N-A, PR40-7P, PR40-7, PR50-21P-A, PR50-2N-A, PR50-2P


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